Tanja Diamond - Relationship Coach in Belleuve, Washington (WA)

Ms. Tanja Diamond

Profession: Relationship Coach

About Me & My Practice

Tanja Diamond, “The Tantra Teacher”, C.Ht, NLP, ACTE, creator of Modern Tantra™ and Tantra for Business™ is a Life Strategist with a specialty in transformation and integration. She has been working in the US and abroad, expanding human consciousness in business, spirituality, love and sexuality for the past 25 years. She is the author of Beyond Sex: Tantra, a practical guide to extraordinary living.

II want to say I am grateful. Grateful that I do something I love and value every day. I also feel pretty humbled that the thing I have passion for doing helps so many people. I really feel like my life is a gift, a gift I created and will never take for granted. And I thank you, because without your trust and desire to explore we would not be connecting.

My approach is not cookie cutter because no two people even with the apparently same issue or challenge benefit from the same thing. I have many tools in my tool box from many different modalities so I can accommodate your beliefs, life views and values.

My clients have included good ol’ boys from the south, north , east and west, feminists, professional athletes, people in the film industry, models, tech geeks, physicians, lawyers, engineers, priests, scientists, spiritual leaders, animals, kids, teens, the elderly, singles, couples, Mensa members, the mentally challenged, addicts, musicians, extreme athletes, politicians, ambassadors, royalty, all genders, all sexual orientations, kinks, sex workers, virgins, many nationalities and ethnic groups, abused women and men, abusers, terminally ill, the lovers, the haters…and the list goes on. The funny thing is most of them believed I specialized in working with their way of seeing the world, their quirks, or challenges, their beliefs, their kind. And they are right, we are all connected.

I Am Also A

  • Business Coach
  • Creativity Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Life Balance Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Recovery Coach
  • Dating Coach
  • NLP Life Coach
  • Leadership Coach

Concerns & Issues I Help With

  • Accountability
  • Assertion skills
  • Fears
  • Goal setting
  • Influencing others
  • Internal Conflict
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Leadership
  • Life Purpose/Meaning/Inner-Guidance
  • Life Stages
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Loneliness
  • Motivation
  • Personal Communication Problems
  • Procrastination
  • Professional goal achievement
  • Professional mission
  • Relationship Issues
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Stress Management
  • Unnecessary worry
  • Work Life / Personal Life balance

Ages I Work With

  • All ages

Languages I Speak

  • English

My Fee Range

  • $150-$200