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How MyCoachMatch.com Works:

We match you with up to 10 Coaches based on how well you and the Coach will get along, in addition to the specific issues you are looking to address in coaching.

Our matching decisions are based on 23 individually weighted criteria, including:
  • Preferred Learning Styles
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Decision Strategies
  • Introversion / Extroversion
  • Preferred Orientation in Time

Since deep trust is the hallmark of any healthy coaching relationship, MyCoachMatch.com's matching technology intends to increase the probability of immediate client-Coach rapport and trust, thereby improving the likelihood of mutual satisfaction and successful coaching results.

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Instructions: Choose the answer you agree with most. If you are unsure, choose the first response that comes to mind.
1.   When solving a problem, I tend to:  

2.   I tend to communicate best with:  

3.   I accomplish my work more easily if I:  

4.   It is easy to understand a presentation if:  

5.   I buy a car based on:  

6.   If I were to exercise, I would do so in order to:  

7.   I seek personal relationships, in order to:  

8.   I brush my teeth to:  

9.   I know I've done a good job when:  

10.   When buying new clothes, I tend to buy whatever:  

11.   I know I am right when:  

12.   When solving a problem, I prefer:  

13.   When cooking a meal, I tend to:  

14.   When planning a vacation, I prefer to:  

15.   Regarding employment, I prefer to:  

16.   I prefer to live:  

17.   When buying a car, I tend to prefer purchasing:  

18.   I agree with the following statement:  

19.   I agree with the following statement:  

20.   At a restaurant, when paying the bill, I tend to:  

21.   When involved in a misunderstanding, I  

22.   When traveling with someone, I:  

23.   When at work, I tend to:  

24.   When expressing sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one, I feel:  

25.   When I watch a sad movie, I:  

26.   When I think of a painful event from my past, I:  

27.   When a friend gets injured, I:  

28.   When someone complains about a pain I've never experienced, I:  

29.   I often think about what:  

30.   I often think about people I:  

31.   I often think about things I:  

32.   I often think about activities I:  

33.   My ethnicity (select one)  

34.   I am (select one)  

35.   I am (select one)  

36.   I identify with the following religion(s) / spirituality (select one or more)  

37.   My definition of God is: (select one or more)  

38.   My philosophy of life: (select one or more)  

39.   My birth date (you must be 18 to use the features on the site)  

40.   My Height  
41.   My Weight  
42.   I smoke cigarettes? (select one)  

43.   I drink alcohol? (select one)  

44.   I exercise (select one):  

45.   What type of coach are you looking for?  

46.   I prefer a coach who is:  

47.   Please choose your preferred per session fee:  

48.  Find me a coach in:

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