Wendy Spurgeon - Life Coach in Portland, Oregon (OR)

Ms. Wendy Spurgeon

Profession: Life Coach

About Me & My Practice

My mission is to heal, inspire and touch the collective shadow through the performing arts.

My initial training and career was as an Actor/Singer/Dancer/Director/Choreographer and performing arts teacher in Southern Oregon. I started with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in performance, but with my pregnancy my senior year I began to focus on directing as well. I have a gift of intuiting the role that's going to best challenge the actors artistic growth. I was consistently placed with the youngest group of children at the various schools and conservatories I contracted with because of my affinity and patience.

After 20 years working professionally for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the other Theatres, Schools, and Conservatories in the Rogue Valley, I moved to the Portland area to work behind the camera as a Casting Director and A.D. for many independent films being shot there, and auditioned for everything under the sun. My philosophy- as an actor, you are a professional auditionner. That is, you get yourself out there and sell yourself, believe in yourself, stretch yourself as an artist. Every role is an opportunity to open up to a new story, a new experience of being alive. I channel my characters, it is when I move my story and my ego aside that they can experience life through me, using my voice and my body to communicate with the world. As a person, I became less judgmental, because you cannot play a character that you are judging.

My auditioning brought me to my next career when I landed a job as a professional product demonstrator/sales rep/trainer for U.S. Jesco, Intl., the global leader in "retailtainment". I traveled up and down the West Coast as a gypsy, reconnecting with friends and family, as the highest grossing agent in the U.S for several years. I learned the value of discipline and incentive, and ultimately the value of truly following your heart's passion and creating balance in your life. I had become a workaholic, and my body was starting to revolt, first through stress hives, and then through infections in my normally healthy body. I consciously shifted my career focus.

I rigorously trained through the Ford Institute for Transformational Training and became a Certified Integrative Coach Professional. As a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, I utilize the paradigm of Integrative Coaching (wholeness, emotional education, story, self-love) in every area of the life wheel. I personally transformed my life, actively as an artist, to achieve greater balance and harmony. I also began to use Playback Theatre (a cousin of Psychodrama and Dramatherapy) to teach people to shift the lens in which they view their "Story" and uncover, own and embrace the Personal as well as the Collective Shadow. We are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, or as Shakespeare said, "All the world is a stage, and the men and women, merely players". I have consciously chosen to become the writer/director/actor of my life, and I can teach you to do the same.

Experience profound transformation in any area of your life: Health and Well-being, Intimate Relationships, Career and Business, Money and Finance, Spirituality, Home and Environment, Fun and Leisure, Friends and Family....As your personal Integrative Coach, I promise you that, from the comfort of your home or office, we will identify your highest vision for your future and design an action plan to propel you powerfully forward into your Destiny! Then, using a series of proven successful processes, I will support you in creating the Life of your Dreams.

Feeling "stuck" and frustrated with the progress of your life?

Is there gap between where you are and where you would like to be?

Is your career or business no longer satisfying you?

Would you like more from your life?

Congratulations on taking the first step. Contact me to schedule a Free conversation/interview to sample the powerful support of an Integrative Coaching Relationship.

I Am Also A

  • Business Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Creativity Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Life Balance Coach
  • Relationship Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Dating Coach
  • Leadership Coach

Concerns & Issues I Help With

  • Accountability
  • Assertion skills
  • Career planning
  • Fears
  • Goal setting
  • Healthy Living
  • Interpersonal Conflict
  • Leadership
  • Life Purpose/Meaning/Inner-Guidance
  • Life Stages
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Loneliness
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Professional goal achievement
  • Professional mission
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sales skills
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Spirituality
  • Stress Management
  • Work Life / Personal Life balance

Ages I Work With

  • Children
  • Teenage
  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • All ages

Languages I Speak

  • English

My Fee Range

  • Please ask me